Who is Stablearth?

Stablearth is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of Soil Stabilisation technology and products. We are based in Staffordshire with sub-depots throughout the UK.

What is Stablearth?

Stablearth is soil-stabilisation technology, which changes the properties of excavated materials. When mixed with suitable excavated materials, Stablearth reacts with the free moisture present and drives out excess moisture for optimum compaction and starts the chemical reaction.

Why use Stablearth?

Products developed by Stablearth have, for many years, been used extensively to help regenerate soil for small excavations and pole-consolidation purposes.

Stabilisation, in a broad sense, incorporates the various methods employed for modifying the properties of a soil to improve its engineering performance. Stabilisation is used in a variety of engineering works. Probably its most common application is in the construction of road and airfield pavements; here, its main objective is to increase the strength or stability of soil in order to reduce the construction cost by making best use of locally available materials.
Natural soil is both a complex and variable material. Yet, because of its universal availability and its low cost, soil offers great opportunities for use as an engineering material. For construction engineers, the most important properties of soil are its volume stability, strength, permeability and durability. Methods of stabilisation may be grouped under two main types:
1. Modification or improvement of a soil property without any admixture.
2. Modification of the properties with the help of admixtures.
Soil Stabilization

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